Our Mother Earth along with human being have created some beautiful places around the world to visit it. the most spectacular sprawling cities to spectacular national parks, and do not forget about the attractive icons and symbols, cultural stuffs, food and means of travel and all other things that is going to amaze you if it was your first time with it.

1. Colosseum, Rome – Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 Winner

The Colosseum of Rome was originally called the “Flavian Amphitheatre” and ancient Italian almost was using it for public arena for entertainment. Most of gladiators fights in past took place in this famous attractive place of Rome. Today, while you are hanging out around you will see actors wearing gladiator clothes and standing outside the Colosseum, and you can take pictures with them (they are paid!) The Colosseum is not just a build of an arena but also a high testament of a clever designer that is stick up resisting time. Although some of its walls have been damaged, the Colosseum still look strong as it is in most of its original glory today. It would be helpful to buy your tickets to save time and to avoid the ticketing queue.

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