in Todd Phelps new’s film “Joker,” takes us to the bottom of American society, to trace the character of Arthur Flick, a brilliantly embodied actor Joaquin Phoenix, where the character of the failed comedian who suffers from a neurological disorder engaged in uncontrolled bouts of laughter or crying Or reveal repressed feelings.
Since Arthur lives in Gotham, a fictional city that appears in the comic book in which Batman and Robin Hood was born, the film story is symbolic, but it mimics the reality of the marginalized, ostracized and excluded in American society, which consists of the super-rich and middle-class, the poor who depend Even in their treatment of charities and donations of benefactors.

City of poverty and deprivation.


The story, written by Todd Phelps and Scott Silver, takes us back to 1981, when Gotham city is overwhelmed with crime and unemployment, Arthur was not immune to the gangs raiding his neighborhood, prompting his colleague Randel to provide him with a weapon to use when necessary. In spite of his nervousness, Arthur invites his neighbor, Sophie, to his comedy show, and then begins to strike deadlines that ease some of his continuing emotions.

The first scenes of the film reveal that people are looking for work in difficult times, while Arthur is busy writing his memoirs, which are closer to jokes, jokes and funny fantasies than to personal memos that might make his death more understandable than his life. Whenever his mother incites him to work, he replies, “I pursue my profession as a comedian,” and only thinks of the next fame that will make him a lot of money.

Cheerful laugh and emotional disturbance.

Joker is classified in drama, thriller, and crime, as he reveals in the autobiography. Screenwriter focused on the poverty of Gotham, a place and people. The “super-rats” are sweeping them from all sides. Much of the film is based on “Talk Show” technology, and through this popular program, we learn more about Arthur’s character, when the host of the show “Murray Franklin” (mastered by actor Robert De Niro), and then hosted in one of the episodes. Through this simple communication we discover the essence of the dramatic theme underlying the story of the film, where his mother always asked him to smile and look at people with a new face, because it looks prettier when spreading his joyful laugh.

Protest against the wealthy


The story of the film has secrets that are becoming clearer. His mentally and physically ill Benny Flake has been working for 30 years with Thomas Wayne, leaving a hidden message among the papers revealing the nature of her relationship with her employer. He is the son of a businessman who has defended himself.
There is an anti-rich sentiment in Gotham’s director. It is no surprise that Arthur is armed with a pistol that will fall during his amusing link at the Children’s Hospital, but once he is beaten by three drunken men working for Thomas Wayne, he pulls his gun and shoots. At them in self-defense.
But the mayor-nominated billionaire denounces the killing, and classifies those who envy others for their successes as “clowns.” Protests against Gotham’s rich begin as protesters wear clown masks bearing the image of Arthur and his now-known landmarks. An eyewitness report says the suspect is a man wearing a clown mask, putting him in doubt.

Empty life

Arthur’s participation in Murray came not just because he wanted to hear his jokes and insistence, but because of the audience’s positive and astonishing reactions to Murray’s leaked video presentations to viewers. Before the program begins, Arthur asks Murray to present him as a “Joker,” a clear reference to Murray’s previous mockery. Instead of telling his jokes to viewers who expect so much from him, Arthur admits publicly that he fought Wall Street’s men on the subway, and wondered why society abandoned the underprivileged, and how Murray ridiculed him and made him a laughingstock.

Arthur admits that he killed them because he has nothing to lose. His life is empty and there is nothing but comedy that eases the burden of living in a city where discrimination and class inequality thrive. Arthur then goes deeper into talking about political, moral and social corruption. He sees comedy as objective, and that the ruling regime decides what is right and wrong and what is funny and its opposite, so he killed the three horrific men who provoked and beat him, and amazed all the resentment he caused. They were killed, even if he was dead on the sidewalk, they would have trampled on his corpse.

Killed on the air

When the debate rages and culminates, Arthur is not embarrassed to tell Murray that he is a “terrible person” because he leaked his videos, because like the rest who wanted to ridicule, there is no difference between an intellectual and an ignorant, as if the curse hit everyone.

Arthur was critical of the society that insulted him and treated him as scum. He also infuriated Murray, who asked Jane to call the police when Arthur made his gun and shot Murray in public. Breaking news broke about the presenter Murray Franklin, who was shot dead while presenting. His talk show is popular and wideO.


Murray is arrested and thrown into a police car that eventually turns over and comes out of the joker wearing a clown mask. Riots erupt throughout Gotham.A hooligan surrounds the Thomas Wayne family and kills him and his wife Martha, but leaves the innocent child alive.

Arthur is released after the overturning of the police car, dancing his famous dance to the crowd and shouts, and when he discovers that his mouth is bleeding, he turns to draw the clown smile on his face to confirm the desire of his mother, who asked him to be always smiling.

In the last symbolic scene, Arthur walks down a long corridor, leaving his blood-stained footprints on the glazed floor.He tells his psychiatrist that she will not understand the joke he tells, and then proceeds to his beautiful dance to help the protesters after he is saved from the rules of the long-crippled regime.


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