As we put one foot in front of the other, we are to step. Step and step and step. Even when we do not know our destination, we are to keep going. Just keep walking. Not in question – but in tandem. With joy of the small synchronsies, with piousness, and in confidence.
Our visibilty may become clouded, the road may not be straight and mapped out, but we have guidance.
At all times, God is in our shadows. As babies in Christ even our innocence is protected and bought with a price.

This picture shows the power of the “edge of the lines,” sort of speak. The vibrancy of the wildly perfectly rooted green trees. The lusciousness of the bushes. To the captivating landscaping. The soil. The textures. The distinct differences in what is or what could be. While we maintain the guidance we are given, the jungle will not devour us. The path is distinct…distinct…not smooth.

Perhaps we were to wonder a bit in our prematurity? You know…where the very fine line of the edge of the road blurs into the world around it. That area where the path meets reality. The light can still find us, the light will still nourish us in our fall. The fall will not be pleasant but it will be cushioned by the horticulture. The system will not falter. For even lotuses can grow in muddy waters.

So perhaps we stumble and stray, the fact of the matter is that the shadow still remains.


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