this generation is so weak upon the way we have in relationships nowadays. Of course, we can deal with it even if that on sometimes it is a little bit messed up. We put ourselves in stressful and confusion situations through overthinking due to someone that we talk with and it has turned into an embarrassing in middle phase. We are not really dating but we are more than best friends, Nevertheless we are not friends with benefits while we are just talking. What should that even refer to? We cannot explain either no one knows what does that mean and all time it’s really hard on our heart strings.

Though, I strongly agree with the idea says we have to find ourselves first, not our soulmates. Whether you are lucky to find your soulmate and you are so young, that is truly awesome . Keep doing it you are in the right way.

For anyone else, those who still wonder “how are we supposed to be in a serious relationship with another person” while we ignore and lack to a lot of stuff on who we are yet? It’s similar to go off to college and learn how to be independent, but how can you do that if you always need someone beside you? It is pretty well to be independent. You are not promiscuous just because you are hanging out with someone and you are not actually dating. In fact, dating with many different people should be used as it is the norm. What ever happened to that? Actually, if a woman ever went to cinema with one in Friday night, but out to dinner with another Saturday night, they both will call her using some dirty names, trust me, this is how your soulmates that you think they really love you as they say. just they say.

Also, if you are that kind of people who doesn’t hang out with anyone, that is also pretty well. Members of our society have invented this expectation you always in need to someone in your life regardless you’re hanging out, talking, dating, or whatever but you should feel lonely and sad if there is no one. That shouldn’t be the case that what you have to learn.

I always used to have friends. they was the same one whole the time . It was enjoyable time what I had spent with them and had not regret one minute of it. However, I wasn’t able to realize until recently that I can enjoy on my own as I was happy with my friends. I learnt how much worthy is alone time and find out what I want to do and to be. I learnt that I shouldn’t have to search for anyone else to complete me. You are complete and full by your own and others shouldn’t be signified there to make your life more better and brighter than how it is.

This has been the happiest times in my life when I do not even have someone to consider him as mine. you are truly the happiest human ever when you learn that once you can deal completely with who you are as a human without looking for validation of anyone else.

Before we learn to love someone else, I strongly believe that we should all try to learn how to love ourselves .Take care of your body. take your attention on your things. Read more books. Get well organized. You have rest of your whole life to fall in love with someone else. Take all time first to love yourself.


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