I am going to come flat-out and ask you: are you ready to become a better you? If you can find the time to squeeze in subtle changes in your every day wild life, I guarantee your smile will be a little brighter, your step will be a little more bouncy, and your eyes will radiate a slight new gleam. “It’s about the little things in life,” they say. Am I right?

Take Ownership

Claim your day. Be the pilot of your own excursion. Whether the weather takes you through a travel ground or a battle ground, take flight and fly like you were born to soar. Not always do we know our destination or it feels as if we have no coordination. But I can say this, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, if you use it wisely you won’t have time to think about nothing but success. Time is meant to be worked with, not against. Take back what is yours. Start by making a to-do list to keep you on track. Write your appointment down in your mobile calendar and set the alarm on that bad boy! Or make that phone call you have been putting off. Or maybe your challenge is leaving the house. Whatever is going on, life is a whole lot greater if you consciously chose and are aware that you have the power to make the next moment great.

Show Empathy

Humans respond to energy. You know how you can, “feel the vibe?” Well that same energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Just as the stranger in the grocery store responds to your scowl and temporary look of defeat, the bank-teller responds to your grin of delight. The energy is transfered in some form or fashion. Every human being you encounter has the ability to impact your moment. Fortunately, you have the power to impact their reality as well. I can guarantee you’ll add more value to your life if you smile at someone atleast once a day. It’s true that it costs nothing to be kind. I once was given five dollars for complimenting a beautiful bride as she walked by strutting her royal purple silk caftan dress in the streets of Chicago. When you operate with love you never know what it will reciprocate. But before it all, love yourself first.

Unravel and Unwind

Listen to yourself and what your body is telling you. If you find yourself feeling anxious and discover yourself laying in bed late at night trying to fall asleep. Perhaps your appetite isn’t as strong as it once was or even the opposite. It’s a sign to slow down. The sound of rushing wind isn’t always a good thing. We want the ball rolling in our lives not the hockey puck flinging. You’re deserving of time to decompress and disconnect from the world around you. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day you’ll eventually feel the difference from finding peace in your solitude.

Be Active

Physically and Mentally. It’s proven fact that when you exercise your body releases a feel-good chemical known as endorphines. I’m not telling you go run a marathon or anything of the sort. But if you can by all means run like never before. I am telling you to challenge yourself and work towards a set goal. We become our own worst enemy. If your fitness goal starts with achieving 10 squats a day, I am cheering for you! If your goal is improving how long you can keep the laundry folded after it comes out of the dryer, I am rooting for you! Your health is vital. Seek to actively move your mountain. Big or small.

Give Gratitude

I know it may sound challenging at first to be thankful for the good and the bad. Like why would I be thankful for my tire blowing out on my way to work? Why would I be thankful for running late to am important meeting? Why would I be thankful for missing my flight? It’s all about perspective and training yourself to appreciate what it is in light of what it could be. In the great scheme of things, you could have saved yourself from a far worse scenario…you never know. We can take comfort in knowing that every negative has a positive. And for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Instead of having a shadow of doubt we need to walk with the mentality of a shadow as a protection. That grey area is where we need to be thankful. Life may not be as bad as we make it seem.

Analyze your 24 Hours

Did you achieve what you wanted to do or did you accidently veer off course? Think about what you could have done better. Take note of you can change to make tomorrow more successful. If you aim to be better than who you were yesterday I would say you’re doing a remarkable job. When you raise the bar for yourself you’re bound to fall a few times. A true fall doesn’t come unless you don’t try. And that’s our life. A day just like today. Make yours matter.

Get Adequate Sleep

You are obligated to your rest. Mental clarity comes with eight hours minimum. I know we live in a world where the city doesn’t sleep. And it seems as if when we are chasing the almighty dollar we tend to brush this one off. Trust me, the world will be thankful when you make yourself a priority. This includes proper sleep.


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