You may have heard about “fear of spiders” which is arachnophobia. And other fears such as Ophidiophobia “fear of snakes” or Agoraphobia “fear of open spaces”? But there are people who have never heard about Vestiphobia, “fear of clothes.” Some scientists say that this phobia can stem from many different places or situations, including allergies and past experiences with clothes.

Vestiphobia has many causes

  • Traumatic events involving clothing or textile may lead to vestiphobia in people. Some people with a history in the military have been found to posess this phobia. By gathering bullet-proof vests, military boots, or other items of clothing with bad experiences connected to them, this phobia can be aroused.
  • People who are living in cultures or situations where limited clothing is supplied can also develope vestiphobia. In some groups of people, tight clothing leads to the feeling of claustrophobia, and over a long period of time, leads to vestiphobia.
  • Some people have claimed that vestiphobia can be hereditary. If a person’s father or mother has a fear of any kind of clothing, there is a higher chance of their offspring sharing the fear. However, there is little evidence for this, and it is suggested that the child’s phobia is caused externally by growing up watching their parents suffer from vestiphobia.

So what are the symptoms of vestiphobia?

It is more likely to be the same as many of the different phobias. The manifestations – are to a great extent – identified with frenzy and nervousness. The symptoms felt by each individual will differ depending on the severity of their fear, however, the vast majority with vestiphobia will report: shaking, hyperventilating or feeling caught and crazy, or potentially feeling short of breath, tipsy or sicknesses. Similarly, as with other sensitivities and different feelings of dread, a few people may encounter a greater amount of one manifestation than another. The manifestations may even shift on various events. For instance, unnecessary perspiring one day then extreme shaking another day.

Cures for Vestiphobia

at the end hypnotherapy is a typical treatment utilized by numerous individuals with fears, including this one. Since the dread of apparel can meddle immensely with everyday life, hypnotherapy can be viable in changing the subliminal to limit the fear. Specialists will frequently recommend drugs for patients experiencing vestiphobia, in spite of the fact that these can cause symptoms which are very serious. Patients have additionally been known to experience the ill effects of withdrawal manifestations a short time later, and, best case scenario, the drug can briefly smother the dread.

Talking therapy can also be effective in removing some or all of the fear felt by people with vestiphobia. Although this can take several months, the effects are more permanent than medication.


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